ITSental Malaysia : A complete guide of smart buying cheap murah refurbished used second 2nd hand computer computers laptop laptops monitor monitors near you (me)
Where and how to buy used computers in Malaysia

Today's computers selling in the new market are packed with tons of amazing features you are paying a premium for. How many of those features you really need ? We always compare processor computing power as a hobby and you know what ? The computer power of the first generation Core i5 is only 50% less powerful than the 6th generation counterpart. Well you may argue 50% slower that's a crime. But if I tell you a first generation i5 computer is only 1/5 of the new counterpart in the price tag yet it delivers the power 95% of the buyer cannot even fully utilized ? This is equal to giving an averge daily commuter the latest model of Ferrari while the main use of the car is to go from point A to B strictly follows the speed limit. As a smart buyer, you pay more for the "more" you do not need or smartly spend your money for exactly what you need ?

ITSentral menawarkan komputer jenama seperti Acer, Asus, Dell Fujitsu, HP, Lenovo dan NEC yang murah dan diperbaharui, komputer riba dengan prestasi harga tinggi yang berhampiran dengan kamu (saya) di Malaysia.